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Matt and Angela Smith

The motivation behind this scholarship originated through an act of kindness from Edith Tipton toward Angie Smith. Mrs. Tipton met Angie during a fundraising event. Angie was a recipient of a scholarship and spoke about the impact the scholarship had on her life.  Shortly afterwards, Mrs. Tipton reached out to Angie and began to encourage her to continue school and follow her dreams of becoming an educator. Through financial support, as well as many cards and letters of encouragement, Angie completed her education. Mrs. Tipton was a kind-hearted lady who lived her life loving on others. Matt and Angie always cherished the kindness Mrs. Tipton showed to a complete stranger and decided to create a scholarship in her honor. Mrs. Tipton left a lasting impression on many hearts. It is their hope that this scholarship will be a blessing to others.
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  • Edith Tipton Scholarship