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Marjorie Meadows Sumner

Dr. John L. Meadows arrived on campus in 1938 as an Instructor in Foreign Languages.  In 1941, Dr. Meadows was reassigned to the English faculty.  President Everett Derryberry appointed him Dean of Students and Professor of Education in 1944, a position he held until his death in January 1953. 
Dr. Meadows cared deeply for the University during a troubled time.  He was instrumental in recruiting students to Tech during World War II.  While serving as the Dean of Students, he personally loaned many students money to assist with their education with the expectation that the students repaid the loan in full. 
His wife, Mrs. Marjorie Johnson Meadows, was employed in the campus library after Dr. Meadows’ death. Because of his deep commitment to help students understand the value of returning assistance, Mrs. Sumner established a loan fund to continue the tradition once started by her father.
With this gift agreement, the loan fund will be converted to a scholarship endowment with the Foundation.  Mrs. Sumner is solidifying her family’s legacy at the University with this endowment and honoring her father’s desire to help students.  She encourages students who receive this scholarship to strongly consider a donation to the scholarship in the future.
Scholarships associated with Marjorie Meadows Sumner
  • Dr. and Mrs. John L. Meadows Memorial Endowed Scholarship