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Earl McDonald Scholarship Endowment

Mr. Earl McDonald is a 1937 graduate of Tennessee Technological University. He worked his way through college by alternating between teaching elementary school and going to college and developed a real appreciation for the value of an education. Upon graduation, he embarked on a distinguished career of 48 years in the field of communicators. At the height of his career, he was an officer in eight phone companies, a stockholder in four, and owned a cable television company. His tremendous success has allowed him to become a true philanthropist and he has pledged his wealth to support education, health care, and religion -- three very deserving causes. Because of the excellent education he received at Tennessee Tech, he has donated and pledged over two million dollars to the university. The McDonald Scholarship Fund will allow deserving students to receive an education at his alma mater. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his outstanding generosity, including the Tennessee Technological University Distinguished Alumnus Award, The Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame 1995 Golden Eagle Outstanding Senior Citizen of the Year Award, the State of Tennessee Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Huntsville Tennessee Distinguished Citizen Award. Mr. McDonald and his beloved wife, Thella, who died in 1993 after 54 years of marriage had no children.  Earl McDonald passed away in 2006. This scholarship endowment will allow many generations of children to realize a bright future as McDonald Scholars.
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  • Earl McDonald Endowed Scholarship