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Dudney, Dr. and Mrs. Lester Biology Program Endowment

This endowment was established with the proceeds from the sell of a 2.5 acre tract and dwelling that was received by Tennessee Technological University from the estate of Dr. Lester R. and Mary P. Dudney. Dr. and Mrs. Dudney desired that the fund be used to support environmental education and protection of wildlife. Tom Hamilton, Associate Vice President of University Development, discussed establishing a formal agreement for use of the endowment with Mr. John Larry Dudney, executor of the Dudney estate, on September 8, 2006. Mr. Dudney agreed that Dr. and Mrs. Dudney's desires would best be met by placing the endowment under the administration of the Biology Department. Further, Mr. Larry Dudney stated that he had neither need nor the desire to be a signatory of the letter of agreement and that the Biology Department at Tennessee Tech was free to use the endowment at its discretion.
Scholarships associated with Dudney, Dr. and Mrs. Lester Biology Program Endowment
  • Dr. and Mrs. Lester Dudney Biology Program Endowment Scholarship