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Douglas and Dinah House Nursing Scholarship Endowment

This endowment is established in honor of Douglas and Dinah House's 50th year of marriage by their children: Mrs. Jenny Lee House Maffett, Mr. Patrick Dosson House, Mrs. Martha House Brasek, and Ms. Mary Beth House. During this time they have built a legacy that will continue long after they leave. Their travels and adventures have taken them around the world. Dinah and Douglas have raised four beautiful, successful children based on Christian values, a sense of adventure, continual learning and love. The lives of their children and grandchildren will be a constant memorial to them. By teaching life is to be lived, hard work pays off, an education will expand one's life and abilities to give to humanity, they have given the greatest gift of all to everyone who has crossed their paths: love and genuine interest.

Instrumental in expanding the early foundational infrastructure for telephone communication, Douglas and Dinah moved their family throughout the geographical south within the United States. Forging friendships while taking time to explore regional areas of interest continue to be valued by the couple.

This scholarship is offered by the children of Dinah and Douglas House in gratefulness, admiration and with the determination of walking in the world in the way they have shown us.

The Dinah and Douglas House Scholarship is designed for upper division nursing students who are at a financial disadvantage.
Scholarships associated with Douglas and Dinah House Nursing Scholarship Endowment
  • Douglas and Dinah House Endowed Scholarship in Nursing