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Doris Bush-Essler Scholarship Endowment for the Academically Gifted

Dr. Warren O. Essler and Dr. Doris Bush-Essler established this scholarship for undergraduates at Tennessee Technological University who are interested in preparing to teach academically gifted students.

Dr. Bush-Essler earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in English with history minors and an Educational Specialist degree in education from Tennessee Tech. She then went on to the University of Tennessee and completed her doctorate degree in education.

Dr. Bush-Essler started the gifted program in Putnam County and taught in the program for several years until her retirement. The program was called a “pullout” program because she worked only with the gifted in each school in small groups. This enabled her to teach topics that were not part of their regular studies and to concentrate heavily on thinking skills. Her wish for recipients of this scholarship is that they have the same teaching opportunities she did and receive the same love and satisfaction in return.
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