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Charles E. and Ruth L. Golden Scholarship Endowment (Education)

Charles and Ruth Golden originally established this scholarship upon the retirement of Dr. Charles Golden from Tennessee Technological University. The original scholarship benefited the College of Education. Later, a letter of agreement incorporating the Goldens' desires to help the then College of Agriculture and Human Ecology was signed but was to take effect upon Mrs. Golden's passing. However, as the available funds in the endowment began to grow, Mrs. Golden specifically asked that scholarships in agriculture as well as education be awarded while she was living.

The Goldens were residents of White County and shared a love of education and a desire to help the young people of White County achieve success in life. They were both dedicated to their community and served unselfishly throughout their lives. This scholarship is their way of continuing that service and ensuring that future leaders of their community have an opportunity to achieve an education.

Dr. Charles Golden passed away in 1996, and Mrs. Golden passed away in 2009, but their legacy lives on in the lives of the individuals they helped.
Scholarships associated with Charles E. and Ruth L. Golden Scholarship Endowment (Education)
  • Charles E. and Ruth L. Golden Endowed Scholarship in Education