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Carroll Viera Appreciation Scholarship Endowment

Adedeji (Deji) and Iswat Badiru are delighted to endow a scholarship to honor Dr. Carroll Viera of the English Department at Tennessee Technological University. When Deji started at Tennessee Tech in January 1976, Dr. Viera (Then Dr. Carroll Miller) was a crucial early mentor to Deji as he began to study in the United States. When he was placed in her English course for international students, Dr. Viera saw that Deji's skills were good enough that he could meet the demands of a regular English class with American students. After completing that first course, Deji took all five of his remaining English courses in the regular sections. The challenge of these regular sections helped him to improve his English language skills far beyond what he could have accomplished in the international sections. Dr. Viera's perceptive guidance is a good example of how a teacher identifies potential in a student and helps the student to reach that potential. Deji thanks Carroll a great deal for the early encouragement that led to a solid foundation for his further academic progress, and for Carroll's mentoring example that Deji now strives to emulate with his own students.

Later that year, when Deji's wife, Iswat, arrived from Nigeria to join him, Carroll helped them tremendously through the International Host Family program initiating a family relationship that has lasted for over thirty years and continues to grow stronger. Throughout their studies at Tennessee Tech, she played a direct role in their academic and personal progress, and in their children's welfare. Carroll regularly sent the children birthday and Christmas presents when they were young. She has been a mentor, academic advisor, confidant, and friend. She even provided financial support to them at critical times. She introduced the Badirus to American social life by hosting frequent dinners at her home at her own expense. By this act, she helped to bridge a cultural gap.

Over the years, she continues to be a friend and a source of inspiration. Adedeji and Iswat Badiru want to thank her and wish to honor her through this endowment of the Carroll Viera Appreciation Scholarship.
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