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Carlene Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Carlene Hall Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Carlene Hall, a woman who suffered a severe spinal cord injury on October 8, 2005 that changed her life forever. She was paralyzed from her shoulders down after the injury requiring, after much time and rehabilitation at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, that she reside in a nursing home at the age of 48. Carlene’s faith in God carried her through the many trials and tribulations that any quadriplegic goes through every single day, and she immediately became the bright spot of the nursing home befriending all who came in contact with her. She enthusiastically shared her faith and her strength in God with all who came into her presence.

In spite of her physical challenge, Carlene began to paint with her mouth and to make cards out of her paintings. She sold these cards to help pay for her living expenses. It was a very time consuming and difficult process for her to paint these cards, but she was very persistent and the outcome, consistent with her joyful spirit, was beautiful. She inspired so many people to try to do what they could despite the challenges life may bring. Carlene’s message to everyone was, “God is an awesome God!”

An anonymous donor founded this scholarship fund in memory of her friend.

The donor met Carlene Hall in April of 2006 when she volunteered to visit the nursing home through a church-sponsored outreach program. Carlene was so gracious, inviting the donor in to talk with her. The donor was amazed at Carlene’s faith and resiliency after suffering such a severe accident. She was confident that God had a plan for her and she was going to follow through with that plan. In visiting with Carlene over several years, the donor's own faith increased and she was blessed every time she saw her. Carlene’s positive attitude, her smile, and her persistence all contributed to her incredible personality. Carlene passed away in January 2009 after battling several infections. She is survived by two daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren.

By telling Carlene's story, the donor would hope that it can inspire others who have disabilities to go the extra mile, keep smiling, keep your faith in God, and as Coach Jim Valvano stated in his now famous speech, Don't give up. Don't ever give up.
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