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Betty Ragle Endowment

Miss Betty Ragle is a 1946 graduate of Tennessee Technological University. Her experience as a long-time nurse in the Chamberlain Memorial Hospital in Rockwood, TN has led to her desires to establish this endowment for the Nursing Program of Tennessee Tech.

Miss Ragle enrolled at Tennessee Polytechnic Institute in 1943 with desires to be a nurse. Since the University did not at this time have a nursing program, Miss Ragle knew she would have to go elsewhere to complete her requirements to be a nurse. After graduating from Tennessee Tech in 1945, she fulfilled these requirements by attending the University of Tennessee at Memphis.

Immediately following her graduation from UT Memphis, Miss Ragle practiced her nursing skills at a local Memphis hospital. In 1961, after many years at two Memphis hospitals, Miss Ragle returned to her hometown, where she began working for what was the Baptist Hospital of Roane County. She continued to work here until her retirement in 1990.
Scholarships associated with Betty Ragle Endowment
  • Betty Ragle Endowed Scholarship