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Bacchanal Art Endowment

In the Spring of 1995, The Autumn Bacchanal: A Celebration of Wine, Food, and Art, was planned by Jon Josephson, the owner of Spankies Restaurant, and representatives of the Tennessee Tech University Department of Music and Art, the Office of University Advancement, and other business and community partners. The first Bacchanal took place on Sunday, October 8, 1995 at Spankies Restaurant in Cookeville,

Since 2002, the event has been promoted as The Bacchanal: A Celebration of Art, Wine & Food. The event will hereinafter be referred to as The Bacchanal. Also the designation The Festival of Arts Endowed Scholarship has fallen into disuse, and has been replaced by The Bacchanal Art Scholarship.

The Bacchanal was dedicated to raising scholarship funds for students pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree major attending Tennessee Tech University/Appalachian Center for Craft.

The event is structured as an art auction, wine tasting and buffet (artwork donated by university faculty, advanced students, regional and national artists). A committee representing university faculty, staff, and members of the community coordinates the event. Funds raised include pre-event fundraising, reservation fees, and the auction proceeds. The scope of The Bacchanal has grown to encompass fundraising activities beyond the production of the single event.
Scholarships associated with Bacchanal Art Endowment
  • Bacchanal Endowed Art Scholarship
  • Bacchanal High School Art Scholarship