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Aspiring Adult Scholars Award

The Aspiring Adult Scholars Award Endowment was established by Dr. Susan Elkins to honor the members of Extended Programs and Regional Development and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies for their outstanding work and dedication to serving adult students. Those being honored for their work through this scholarship are Bonita Barger, Clata Burden, Anabelle Frink, David Hume, Noel Poston, Debbie Thurman, Ken Wiant, Mary Pfadenhauer, Melinda Bybee, Steven Frye, Ken Hunter, Janie Robbins, Terry Webb, Theresa Ennis, Carol Boles, Debbie Combs, John Harris, Joan Maxwell, Jane Sipes, Jerry Neapolitan, Charlotte McGregor, Tammy Boles, Carolyn Fox, Dennis Parker, and Jeannie Smith.
Scholarships associated with Aspiring Adult Scholars Award
  • Aspiring Adult Scholars Award