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TTU's annual application period for scholarships is from August 15 to December 15. 

The Fall 2016-Spring 2017 scholarship application deadline is December 15, 2015

Read the scholarship Application Procedures & FAQ's on the TTU scholarship website & the directions below BEFORE logging into ScholarWeb to begin the 2016-17 TTU scholarship application. 



To apply for 2016-17 scholarships, you must have a ScholarWeb account. 

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New Users 

To create a ScholarWeb account you need a Tech ID Number (T Number) or Web ID.

Read to the Application Procedures for New Students on the scholarship website for further details.

You must apply for admission before applying for scholarships. You do not have to be admitted or accepted to Tech to apply for scholarships, but you must apply for admission to receive a T number.

Setting your T Number or Web ID as your ScholarWeb username is recommended.

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